Silvan Trails

Ever wondered where the Silvan trails are? Or what type of trails are they? Cross-country (80-130mm travel) or gravity enduro (140mm-160mm travel)?

Most of the trails are intermediate (Blue) built on hard packed clay. The descriptions below should give you the 'Good Oil' to get you on your way to exploring this beautiful part of the world. We provide suggestions on how to link them up or you can 'choose your own adventure'. 

Access to the network is from either the Silvan Reservoir car parks, or slightly further away from the Mt Evelyn footy oval or the Happy Trails Cafe and the Mt Evelyn aqueduct trail. These trail heads take you into the reserve via fire roads, and with the help of Trailforks you will find the sweet single track. Now all you have to do is get out and ride!. Enjoy!!

The Trails are Maintained by the Yarra Ranges Mountain Bikers. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and Events Page for Trail Maintenance Days and come join us to get that warm and fuzzy feeling of earning your turns!!


Twisted Sister (1.2 km)

After climbing Bakers Dozen, the trail continues as a moderately steep climb with yet more switchbacks (hence ‘Twisted sister’), to come out back on Melba Track. The climb has some great technical challenges including angled logs, one with tyre treads on top of it. From here there are three descent choices:

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Bakers dozen loop (1.6 km)

This trail starts at the bottom of Melba Track in temperate rainforest and climbs up with 13 switchbacks (thus the name), to the junction where Magpie trail intersects. Slightly further up you can choose to go right which takes you back down the Bakers dozen loop or you can keep climbing.

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Telegraph Downhill (0.8 KM)

After climbing Twisted Sister, head back down over Track ‘12’ onto the Telegraph Downhill trail. This is a fun fast flowy trail that descends all the way to the Track ‘11’. This trail has some small jumps, ruts, steeper lines and some big logs to get over. This is not a true ‘downhill’ track in that there are no big gap jumps but it’s just as exciting for gravity enduro style riders.

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Temple of Zoom (1.6 km)

From the top of Twisted Sister, head west and then left up Wallaby Track for about 40m and the entrance is near a hollowed out tree. Given its name, Temple of Zoom has a mixture of speed, berms, ruts, steep corners, and some short climbs so that you can repeat the fun. This is fun on a XC or a GE bike.

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Rib (1.4 km)

The track heads off to the right off Track 11 just after the intersection with the Pipeline fire-road. It snakes along through the bush and trees, over some roots, with many twists and turns and short ups and downs and then does a 180 degree turn to come back parallel to itself and the fire-roads. There are a number of log hops to make this a challenging XC trail. Rib trail was named after the builder’s unfortunate ‘off’ resulting in a cracked rib.

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Magpie (1.3 KM)

The bottom of Downhill trail intersects with Magpie trail just before the Track 11 Fire-road. A Magpie loop heads north-west towards the intersection of Bakers Dozen and Twisted Sister, then east to cross over the Downhill trail and back to Track 11. This is a cross country trail with some pinchy climbs, a few logs and roots to grind over and some fun flowy sections.

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Hud’s Track (1 km)

Hud’s track is further away to the south-east near the Silvan reservoir fenceline and the RJ Hamer Arboretum. It is accessed from Silvan rd where the native bush opens out to a cleared area below a pine forest. It is a smooth, fun fast flowy XC trail that wends its way down through the bush with fast large radius turns and pops out near Silvan road. The trail was named after the builder’s nickname, ‘Hud’.

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Tchan’s/’Avec plaisir’ (2.1 km)

Tchan’s track is further away in the southern aspect of the Ranges and is accessible 70m up Bartletts track off Olinda road. This track can be done as a climb or descent, so beware of other users, but they will hear you whooping with delight as you descend this track!!! This has all the elements of a fun MTB trail. There are lots of corners, lots, with wide berms and fast straight sections back and forth through native bush. A large log rollover will test your strength and determination. The trail finishes up near the intersection of Barges and Bartletts fireroads. Tchan was visiting Australia from France and gave us a piece of MTB heaven ‘with pleasure’.

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Warburton Trails

To date YRMTB have been working with DELWP Powelltown (Forest Fire Management Victoria) for over 3 years to authorise existing trails in the area. In January 2018 the first trail, 'Hey Hey My My' was authorised.


Hey Hey My My (4.5 KM)

The Trail features a climb length of 2.5kms and a the remainder a fun yet challenging decent. It has been graded using the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) classification tool as a ‘high blue’ with ‘black diamond’ A lines, with options to take easier B lines.

The steep climb contains 35 switch back corners with loose rocky off camber sections. The average grade of the climb is 8 per cent. The descent is a fast and flowy single track with features including jumps, drops, rock gardens, tight corners and steep sections.

Please park at Wesburn Park and ride up the road to Hey Hey My My.

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